Liquor Liability

Successfully represented a liquor store defendant in a liquor liability case in the Superior Court that settled after a 4 week trial for favorable terms and resulting in a jointtortfesor release prior to the jury verdict; ultimately, the jury returned a major verdict against the co-defendant who did not seek a settlement of the case. Case also involved multiple experts regarding the sale / service of liquor and BAC and the metabolism of liquor; pre-judgment attachment; insurance coverage and appeal; and significant personal / excess liability issues.

Represented a large restaurant / bar in dram shop case initially brought in the Federal Court involving the alleged sale / service of liquor to an off-duty employee who was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Represented a liquor store in a dram shop case for the alleged sale of liquor to minors who were subsequently involved in a major motor vehicle accident. Case involved handling liquor license issues; cross-claims and experts regarding BAC and metabolism issues.