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Defense Jury Verdict for Snow Plow Contractor, February 2017

Successfully represented a snow plow sub-contractor in connection with a civil case brought a pharmacist who claimed he slipped and fell on un-treated ice in his employer’s parking lot. Plaintiff presented over One Million Dollars in damages to the jury. After trial involving weather and orthopedic experts, the jury returned a verdict for the defendant.

Liquor Liability

Successfully represented a liquor store defendant in a liquor liability case in the Superior Court that settled after a 4 week trial for favorable terms and resulting in a jointtortfesor release prior to the jury verdict; ultimately, the jury returned a major verdict against the co-defendant who did not seek a settlement of the case. Case also involved multiple experts regarding the sale / service of liquor and BAC and the metabolism of liquor; pre-judgment attachment; insurance coverage and appeal; and significant personal / excess liability issues.

Industrial Knife - Attorney's Fees awarded

Obtained defense verdict for client, a New York based industrial knife and cutting manufacturer, in product liability and negligence action. Obtained attorney’s fees award from the plaintiff and a verdict for the client on the cross claim against the codefendant. United States District Court, for the District of Massachusetts. Plaintiff’s Pre-Trial demand of One Million Dollars.